How Does It Work?

Many Magento users sell huge numbers of items every day, and keeping tabs on all of these sales can be a nightmare! Then, once the sale is completed, you often have to book each sale individually to send it to the buyer. However, here at APC, we’ve put together a dedicated Magento Bulk Upload tool to help you arrange all your bookings as quickly and as easily as possible!

Once your item has been sold, the buyer’s delivery details will be automatically imported into your account through our API system. This allows you to book all your deliveries in just a few minutes, as you don’t need to enter the details yourself; just quickly check everything is correct and then choose the service you want and arrange the delivery!.

Secure Tracking

You don’t have to organise a jumble of receipts, enter tracking details into My Magento or wrestle with complicated spreadsheets. We take care of tracking for you.

Details of each parcel you send will be stored in your account. You can easily refer back to this information at any time if your buyer has a question about delivery.

With the Magento Shipping Tool, you’ll be able to choose from all of the services we offer on the regular APC Direct website. If you choose a courier service that provides parcel tracking, we’ll pull all of the tracking information into your account, making it really easy to trace your item and find out when it’s due to arrive.