Speedy Ordering

Our Etsy Shipping Tool is really clever, it automatically pulls in your item's dimensions, and because the buyer's details are automatically imported from PayPal, you don't need to retype the address.

This means the details are always accurate, your parcel will always be sent to the right place.

When you're ready to send, click the button next to the imported item and follow the instructions. Pay for your delivery using your normal payment card, pre-pay account or checkout method.

Within seconds, you'll be printing out your postage labels and organising your next delivery.

Secure Tracking

You don't have to organise a jumble of receipts, enter tracking details into Etsy or wrestle with complicated spreadsheets. We take care of tracking for you.

Details of each parcel you send will be stored in your account. You can easily refer back to this information at any time if your buyer has a question about delivery.

With the Etsy Shipping Tool you'll be able to choose from all the services we offer on the regular APC Direct website. If you choose a courier service that provides parcel tracking, we'll pull all of the tracking information into your account, making it really easy to trace your item and find out when it's due to arrive.